Doing Hard Things

This post was written in 2015 before I left for Ghana. In light of my approaching trip to Scotland, it seemed appropriate. After spending a hefty amount of money on shots for my trip to Ghana because insurance doesn’t cover international vaccines, I was irritated. The thought crossed my mind, “Why am I spending so … More Doing Hard Things

“How Things Go”

Foggy days hiding misty mountains, dreams forgotten breathing again. Pouring over words with numbness of mind —until prick! Something comes alive! The birds sing, the squirrels dance; The animals understand this grand romance. This crushing weight, it will not last. This choking ache will come to pass. These losses—they will turn to wins; We’ll see … More “How Things Go”


  My fingers hit the keys harder than necessary, searching, driving, willing for music. Or maybe something else. Maybe release. Channeling my frustration and pain into songs—with words and without. Needing some form of expression. Like when you’re angry and suddenly you have adrenalin to run even if you hate running. Tears slid down my … More Confessions

The Comparison Trap

  She has better legs than me. He’s more outgoing than I am. She has a better voice than me. She’s better at her profession. He’s a better leader. They’re better at expressing their opinions…I’m not good enough. I don’t know whether every human struggles with comparing themselves to others and feeling inadequate, but I … More The Comparison Trap

Femininity, Faithfulness, and a Girl’s Ache for Beauty

Birthdays at 88 Years Old My sister and I walked into the room of seven women, probably five hundred years lived amongst the lot of them. A last-minute phone call to our grandparents had scheduled our arrival precisely during a luncheon celebrating one of my grandma’s friend’s 88th birthday. I had heard about this woman … More Femininity, Faithfulness, and a Girl’s Ache for Beauty

When Those You Love Suffer

Suffering comes in many forms—from “cancer [to] criticism”[1]. Regardless of its severity, suffering causes pain. It evokes questions, particularly, why? Why is this happening? Why me? Why, God? Many people have explored that question “why?” and have suggested better questions we can ask instead. But one thing “why” does is highlight our human yearning for reason. … More When Those You Love Suffer

Really Bad Decisions and Really Amazing Things that Come Out of Them

This past week, my homeschooled-sheltered-and-naïve bubble was burst as I saw again the reality of sin in the world. Driving in the car the other day, I was burdened with the weight of evil I saw around me and was reminded of times I felt suffocated by the weight of my own wickedness and poor … More Really Bad Decisions and Really Amazing Things that Come Out of Them

Do Something

  Calling all college and high school students. Spring Break is around the corner (hang on just a little longer!), and summer is on the horizon. If you don’t have plans yet for the summer, or even if you do, promise me you’ll at least think about what I’m about to pitch to you. Go … More Do Something