Praying for Revival

It’s been some time since I last wrote a blog post. My absence has been somewhat intentional, as I’ve committed for 2018 to be a year I work on my books (I’m currently tackling a project that is large and daunting, but in the process, I am re-discovering the joy of plunging into the art … More Praying for Revival

It’s the Little Things: Lessons from Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wednesday was the last day of school. As a teacher of 7th graders, I still get loads of gifts. Half the fun is watching my students bring them to me. Some are proud and eager for me to open their presents. Some of the boys are bashful because it was really their moms who made … More It’s the Little Things: Lessons from Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed

No More Condemnation

Tears flowed. The maiden held the skirts of her white dress—now covered in stains. “I’m  sorry,” she whispered to the king on his throne. “I’m so sorry.” She knew that he had already traded her tattered peasant clothes for this beautiful white gown. And now she had soiled it. “I see no stains,” the king … More No More Condemnation

When Your Insuficiency Feels Overwhelming

I’ve got issues, as the pop song so honestly, matter-of-factly acknowledges. Yep. You bet I do. The older I get, the more I realize how messed up I am. Sometimes my messed-up-ness, my “lack” feels overwhelming. Funny, isn’t it? I would so much rather be overwhelmed by His “enoughness.” Because He is enough. This morning … More When Your Insuficiency Feels Overwhelming