Freedom to Fail

I’ve changed. I’m starting my fourth year of teaching, and this year more than any other, I’ve noticed a difference in my teaching. I’m more confident. The funny thing is, confidence doesn’t look the way I thought it would. It doesn’t look like having my act all together. “Sorry, y’all. There’s a typo on the … More Freedom to Fail

Saying Yes

The rain is drizzling as I sit on a bench under an awning in my landlords’ garden. It’s Monday morning, but there is no school because it is Pentecost. What a day that must have been 2,000 years ago. The hills are dressed in green. I can remember January and their barrenness and the edge … More Saying Yes

Ramblings of a Failure

Usually I love the sun. But this morning, as I walked to work under the gentle gray clouds and drizzly rain, I was grateful. The air felt liked it was being scrubbed clean—deliciously fresh. I call these “Ireland days” (because the first time I ever stepped outside my passport country, it was to Ireland).  The … More Ramblings of a Failure

Valentine’s Day

I have tears today.  I have so many thoughts on this day… in this season. Sitting on a couch in my apartment in Germany, I think about my nephew who has started taking his first steps. I think about my friend who went to be with Jesus four years ago and the pain his family … More Valentine’s Day